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Day 882

1. Calling a credit card company to change our mailing address, I had quite an interesting exchange with the Customer Service man:

CS: “What can I do right now to make your day wonderful?”
Me: “Um…. I’m calling to change our address, please.”
CS: “Your wish is my command.  [He then asked for my info, and completed the transaction.]
Me: “Great, thank you.”
CS: “Before you go, may I ask you a question?”
Me: (Uh oh…)  “Um… sure…”
CS: “Is this new address a new home you purchased?”
Me: “Yes, it is.”
CS: “Well in that case, may God bless you with only peace, love, and prosperity in your new home.”
Me: “Um… okay… thank you….”

Definitely a call I won’t forget any time soon!

2. Performing my first waffle iron life hack: hash browns!  They worked out quite well.

3. Seeing a brief video that brought a big smile to my face:


Day 881

1. Taking a walk outside with one of the puppies on a gorgeous spring day.  Sunny, 60 degrees (F), strolling in a peaceful and nature-filled neighborhood with a happy pup by my side… life is sweet.

2. One of our new neighbors stopping by our house to introduce themselves.  What made their visit extra cool was 1) they brought their dog with them (a 10-month-old white fur ball), 2) they brought a card (with our new home’s photo on the front, and a lovely “welcome” message on the inside), and 3) they brought a cake that he made!  SO cool.

3. Feeling more and more at home in our new house with each passing day.  I’m a lucky, lucky woman.



Day 880

1. Accomplishing lots of tasks – and doing so in a very calm, relaxed way.  Slowly, slowly, I’m learning…

2. My sweetie completely rocking the new house to-do list!  He’s been working hard all day – what a champ!

3. While running errands, I stopped past this HUGE image plastered on the outside of a building.  I found the semi-obvious Photoshop work quite amusing.  

(Ruth, I immediately thought of you when I snapped this pic.  I imagine if anyone will appreciate it, you will.)  :)

(Ruth, I immediately thought of you when I snapped this pic. I imagine if anyone will appreciate it, you will.) 🙂

For perspective, here's the entire photo scene.  Note that the beige building is the size of a small warehouse.

For perspective, here’s the entire photo scene. Note that the beige building is the size of a small warehouse.


Day 879

1. Unexpectedly seeing my sweetie while being “trapped” at the mall.  (Long story short: what was supposed to be a routine oil changed turned into a 4-hour repair job – and the only place close to the dealership is the mall.  Ugh.)  But seeing my sweetie was a lovely treat, and definitely broke up the mall monotony.

2. Getting to drive a markedly improved car.  It handles and brakes a lot better than it did this morning – so I feel good knowing that the repairs really were needed, and are worth the money spent.

3. After sharing a comment  on Facebook, learning that two people I know from completely different life situations know each other!  What a small, small, small world!



Day 878

1. Amid running errands, seeing a terrific sign:


2. Finding the exact item I was looking for – and it was on clearance!  Double-win.

3. Learning about a funny website.  I’m glad that some parents can laugh off the insane behaviors of their toddlers.



Day 877

1. Working from home.  I love getting lots of stuff done – and doing so in lounge pants and a tshirt!  🙂

2. Having a great cuddle buddy protect me at the end of a long day:

The "mound" his paw is resting on is my right hip.  :)

The “mound” his paw is resting on is my right hip. 🙂 

3. Seeing a good comic:

Arlo & Janis

Arlo & Janis


Day 876

1. Having a lot of desk time at work, and maximizing every minute of it.  I got a lot of tasks completed today – it felt terrific!

2. Fixing what could have been a frustratingly serious technical issue.  BIG relief!

3. Reading a comic that definitely spoke to me.  I totally remember the time lady!  (And the temperature lady, too.)



Day 875

1. Having several real, honest conversations at work.  They are not always comfortable, but I do deeply appreciate them.  I value truth.

2. My sweetie listening to me vent my frustrations.  I only need a few minutes to whine/complain/bitch, and then I can move on; I appreciate that my sweetie is willing to provide that venue for me.

3. Seeing a cartoon that was very fitting for my day today.  It provided a good laugh when I needed a solid chuckle. 🙂



Day 874

Reading three great jokes at work:

1. A photon checks into a hotel and is asked if he needs help with his luggage.  He responds, “No, I’m traveling light.”

2. Why can’t you trust an atom? Because atoms make up everything!

3. A neutron walks into a bar and orders a drink.
He then asks the bartender, “How much do I owe you?”
The bartender replies, “For you, no charge.”

I’ll be here all week, folks!  🙂



Day 873

1. Completing my first “on my own machine” sewing project.  Yay for success!


A banister barrier for our new home. (Aka, puppy protection.)


2. Experiencing fond memories of time spent with my mom when I was a kid, the two of us cutting patterns and sewing together.  As I told some of my friends, “I never would have been able to complete todays project without years of my mom’s tutelage when I was a child. Parents, never underestimate your influence – you just never know what lessons you teach (overtly or subtly) will crop up in your child’s lives days, weeks, or decades later. Thanks for teaching me so many cool things Mom – I love you.” 

3. Knowing I can now make future fabric-related projects (or repairs).  I love feeling self-sufficient!