Day 539

1. Attending a mid-morning concert at Orchestra Hall.  (My first!)*

2. Participating in World Book Night.  So fun.*

3. Seeing a line of food trucks over the lunch hour:

food trucks

As I turned to leave, an extra-special one caught my eye:

food truck QR code

Go QR codes!


* Additional details about these items will be posted on my Smile, Kiddo blog in the next few days.  (If you want to make sure you don’t miss those write-ups, you are invited to subscribe to the blog [which will provide you a direct link to each post via email as soon as I press the "Publish" button].  No pressure; just letting you know of options.)  :)

Day 538

1. Being “taunted” (good-naturedly) by one of my blogging friends.  When she lobbed a “nanner nanner” at me, I couldn’t help but smile.  

2. Learning some great typography guidelines


3. …then encountering some terrific typography office humor:



Day 537

1. Receiving a good report from my dad.  

2. Reading a terrific quote: “Some days I fear writing dreadfully, but I do it anyway.  I’ve discovered that sometimes writing badly can eventually lead to something better.  Not writing at all leads to nothing.”  ~Anna Quinlan   What wonderful wisdom to live by.

3. Trying a new vegan ice cream – and discovering that not only is it delicious, but it tastes exactly like it’s dairy-infused counterpart!  (And is healthier, to boot.)  Clear-conscience dessert – always awesome.

vegan ice cream


Day 536

1. Hiding real dyed eggs outside for my 4-year-old niece to find as part of her Easter morning celebration.  So many memories came flashing back to me: of my sister and I wearing new pastel dresses to church (sometimes with hats, even!), of receiving baskets of candy, of dyeing eggs the night before and finding them in the morning (sometimes outside, sometimes inside – just depended on the timing of the holiday and the corresponding weather each year), of enjoying deviled eggs once they were all located, of being with my family and knowing I was a lucky kid. Lots of good stuff – both then and now.

2. Going for a walk this afternoon in amazing spring weather (low 70s and sunny), and seeing SO many families gathered outside, all celebrating the holiday.  I got to witness so many generations mingling, hugging, and laughing (along with lots of pets) – each and every scene made my heart smile.

3. One of our puppies making sure he wasn’t going to get left behind as my sweetie and I left his parent’s house and returned to our home:



Day 535

1. Revisiting the language and specifics of Creative Commons licenses.  I love that most people are not out-for-me-money-seeking-selfish-bastards, but instead are humans who want to share, connect, help, and support one another.   Here’s to all the open-source-developing, free-information-sharing, make-education-available-to-everyone, help-the-world-in-every-way-I-can people that make this planet so amazingly beautiful.

2. Trying hominy for the first time.  I wasn’t a big fan of the taste, but I did enjoy having a new experience and learning what this food is like.  (I imagine it could be called vegan lutefisk.)  :)

3. Seeing an image that completely resonated with me the second I saw it (and that made me laugh out loud):



Day 534

1. One of my friends posted on Facebook that she searched the internet for vegan recipes simply because she couldn’t imagine what people eat if they don’t consume meat or dairy.  One person replied, “You eat sadness and despair.”  I laughed out loud.  [The comment was made in good humor, and I took it as such.]  :)

2. Receiving free books from a very generous nonprofit organization.  I am deeply impressed by all that they do – and I continue to marvel that they always offer their resources with zero expectation of financial contribution or gain.  That is true social service.

3. Feeling as comfortable at my in-laws house as I do at my own parent’s home.  I adore that we all really are family – it means that our family never has to stop evolving and growing, and that we all have the opportunity to be supported and loved no matter what changes in the future.  What an amazing prospect!

family tree


Day 533

1. At the end of a new-to-me yoga class, I was approached by a regular attendee who asked, “Were you ever a professional gymnast?”  I smiled, laughed lightly, and answered, “Nope – it’s ‘just’ the yoga.”  But what a cool thing to be mistaken for!  And what a testament to yoga.  :)

2. As I put my shoes and jacket on after leaving the above mentioned yoga class, a different woman approached me and asked if I was new.  I responded yes, and the lady smiled, introduced herself, offered to answer any questions I might have, and commented that she hoped to see me next week.  

For a city where people are notorious for keeping close to their small circle(s) of well-established friends (read: not being overly welcoming to people they don’t know), to be greeted so warmly by a stranger was a fantastic change!     

3. Seeing a lovely piece of art in a mass retailer:

I love you

May we all remember this.  :)


Day 532

1. Watching Mr. Jojo give the biggest yawns his little puppy mouth can make.  SO cute!

2. Having a conversation with a colleague about our travels to distant lands.  How ridiculously lucky are we that we have opportunities to literally see the world?!

3. Stumbling across a great kitchen “hack”.  I love time savers (not to mention mess-avoiders!).


Day 531

1. Unexpectedly catching up with a friend that I haven’t seen for months and months.  It felt great to reconnect.

2. Receiving a postcard (advertisement) that read, “M * D Liquor Opening Soon.”  My shorthand for “Mom and Dad” is M & D – so when I saw this flyer my brain immediately interpreted it as “Mom and Dad Liquor Opening Soon.”  My mind then instantly presented this thought: “Wow – I bet family gatherings at that house are interesting.”  I crack myself up.  :)

3. Seeing a terrific caption to this awesome photo:

pothole repair truck

True.  And pretty darn funny.


Day 530

1. Bumping in to a fellow meditator in the parking ramp this morning.  A very unexpected – yet lovely – way to begin the work week.

2. Walking past a small film crew taping a scene (presumably for a TV show or movie) just across the hall from my office building.  It was interesting to see exactly how close the boom mike and camera men were to the actors – and how the actors had to totally ignore them.  This small snippet solidified for me how impressive good acting really is.

3. Driving past a beat-up pickup truck that had a bed loaded down with old-school stand-up-style video arcade games.  I spent many hours of my youth in front of games like those; good memories.  :)

Because I was driving, I had only one chance to attempt to capture an image of the video-game-laden pickup truck; I think I did pretty well, all things considered!  :)

Because I was driving, I had only one chance to attempt to capture an image of the video-game-laden pickup truck; I think I did pretty well, all things considered! :)