Day 758

1. Getting to attend a special “holiday vinyasa” yoga class this morning.  This is wonderful for so many reasons:

  • One of my early teachers led this session; it was fun seeing her again.
  • The fact that I could be in yoga means I didn’t have to work today – a gift that not everyone gets to enjoy.
  • I can afford frivolities like yoga; I am blessed to not have financial concerns at this point in my life.

2. Spending the afternoon with puppies on my lap, my sweetie at my side, football on the television, and my hands busy with crochet.  This is amazing for still more reasons:

  • I have beings in my life who love me.  (And I them.)
  • I am in a committed relationship with a partner who enjoys spending time with me.  (And I with him.)
  • We have a home furnished with a television and comfortable seating – and we feel completely safe spending our time in it.
  • I have the sight, manual dexterity, and cognitive abilities to craft, to create.

3. Enjoying delicious food; my sweetie roasted veggies specifically for me (sweet, right?), and I purchased an awesome vegan pumpkin pie.  This is fantastic for yet even more reasons:

  • I have people and resources in my life that support my chosen lifestyle.
  • I have the means to secure food that keeps my conscience clear.
  • I get to eat an entire pie all by myself.  :)  
Doesn't it look perfect?  (Answer: Yes.)  :)

Doesn’t it look perfect? (Answer: Yes.) :)

Nom nom nom.

Nom nom nom.


Day 757

1. Receiving a very cute crochet pattern from a blogger I follow.  I know many people who would love this little creature!

delight_tiny unicorn

2. When I visited the website of the original author of the unicorn pattern, I laughed out loud at the original work that inspired the three-dimensional piece:

delight_sassy unicorn 

3. A colleague at work delivered a presentation about upcoming technologies, and reminded us that the technologies of tomorrow are still largely based on the “cellular revolution” of the 1980s – whose past is simultaneously entertaining and astoundingly prophetic:

(FYI: 30 ounces is just under 2 pounds.  An iPhone 6 weighs 4.5 ounces, which is just over 1/4 pound.)

Whoa, right?  Indeed.


Day 756

1. Sleeping with my brand new foot warmer.  Holy buckets, it made a world of difference in my quality and enjoyment of sleep!  This winter might not be so miserable after all….  :)

2. Learning about a fantastic restaurant concept.  I had two immediate thoughts as I read the accompanying article:

  • The “Basic Dos and Don’ts” are good – but I would love to see the day when they are unnecessary. (I.e., every human is treated like all other humans.)
  • I think it would be fantastic if this same concept was applied to all ‘cultural’ restaurants.  Imagine the levels of understanding that could be developed if a person had to complete all orders and transactions in a Mexican restaurant in Spanish, an Indian restaurant in Hindi, an Asian restaurant in Chinese/Japanese/Thai, etc. etc.  Bonus points if the societal customs of that group had to be followed as well.

3. Enjoying a clever dose of holiday spirit from a local coffee shop:

holiday napkin


Day 755

1. Hearing a dad try to tell his 17-year-old son how to pop the hood of the vehicle the son was driving:

DAD: “Pull on the lever under the dashboard.”
SON: (Looking on the passenger side of the dash) “I don’t see it.”
DAD: “It’s on the other side, son.”
SON: (Now looking near the driver’s door handle) “I still don’t see it.”
DAD: “It’s closer to the floor.”
SON: (Now looking at the brake pedal) “I can’t find it.”
DAD: “Not that far forward. Closer to your seat.”
SON: (Frantically looking everywhere)  “Dad, I don’t think it’s here…”
DAD: (Exasperated; walks from the front of the car to the driver’s door. Points.) “There, son.”
SON: “Oooooohhhhhh….”

2. Learning about a variety of truly ingenious inventions:

3. A friend sending me a link full of vegan holiday recipes.  How thoughtful! I was (and still am) touched by her kindness.


Day 754

1. Getting to wear a jacket outside instead of a coat.  I’ll happily accept any increase in temps I can get – even if the uptick only lasts a day.  (Or two, or three….)  :)

2. Having a great lunch with a great friend.  We spent our time together discussing culture: of America and Japan, of children and adults, of various family units (and of all the dynamics that can surface whenever families are created and gather together)… I don’t have many friends that enjoy these types of conversations (read: deep, chunky, full of meaning and lacking triviality); the shared meal fed not only my body, but my soul.

3. Seeing a beautiful scene in the yoga studio: a small, sparse tree adorned with colorful origami swans.  Something about this sight caught my attention, and grabbed something in my heart.  The image below doesn’t do the experience justice; but it helps me remember the moment I had.  And a touching moment it was.

yoga swans


Day 753

1. Discovering some “low-tech” items that make pretty clever holiday gifts.  I like that all of these ideas can apply to people who are “difficult” to buy presents for.

Bubble Calendar – I know plenty of adults who still get a thrill from popping these little air pockets
Smartphone Projector - 4th grade meets modern day
Aroma Fork – A science-based “magic trick” that even ‘refined’ adults will appreciate
Mug With A Hoop – For the less “gastronomically inclined”  ;)

2. Finding (and purchasing) a semi-sizeable selection of work-appropriate, weather appropriate (read: winter) sweaters, dresses, and shoes.  I loathe shopping – but finding items I will wear, for the ‘right’ price, helps me feel good coming out of the process.

3. This man’s genuine genius continues to make me laugh out loud.  Nearly every public interaction he had possessed the potential to elevate the commonplace to the sublime.  Genius.


Day 752

1. Acquiring a pair of funky snow/schlep-around-town boots at a reasonable price.  They are a departure from my usual “conservative/casual” attire – and I like that.  :)

2. Enjoying the slight warm-up the city experienced today.  A few degrees really can feel like a notable difference.

3. Appreciating a well-timed reminder:



Day 751

1. Working from home.  Not only did I get hours of uninterrupted time (which I used to plow through a very detail-oriented task), but I also got to wear jammies all day long!  Uuber-productive + uuber-comfortable = uuber-awesome.  

2. Learning about a long list of toys that help develop STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills in kids.  Wonderful!  If you need to purchase a gift for a child, definitely consider getting them a STEM-related one.  The benefits (and fun!) will last a LONG time.

3. Reading a series of “life hacks” that made me laugh:

life hack1 life hack2


Day 750

1. Being “on my game” today.  It felt good.

2. Experiencing completely random moments of shared experiences with an older gentleman (whom I took a class from this evening – Community Education strikes again!).  :)  One example: The man mentioned how he had just come from visiting a friend in hospice – so we shared a few brief stories about our various hospice volunteer experiences.  When I asked about his kids, he explained that one of his sons was a Buddhist monastic for four years – and the man was very surprised to learn that I knew “quite a lot” about meditation.  When I asked where his son was a monastic, the man answered, “Japan – in Kyoto” – then asked me if I had ever been to Japan.  Well, interestingly…. I just got back from there!  We shared about six other unexpected situations; it was a crazy, kooky, awesome night.

3. Encountering public art in unexpected places.  More happy surprises!

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Day 749

1. Learning about the Internet of Things.  I have heard this term before (and have read about the concept without knowing that is what I was reading); and every time I come into contact with this notion, I am kind of blown away.  It’s amazing to me how technology continues to change the world. 

2. Seeing my large work group create dozens of blankets for children in need in less than 90 minutes.  When a bunch of driven business professionals get to work on a volunteer task, the results can be darn impressive.

3. Winter is often viewed as the ugly step sister of the seasons; but today I got to be reminded that the cold months can be charming in their own special way:

The view from my window at work.

The view from my window at work.