Day 636

1. Getting to spend part of my work day helping math and science teachers understand the world of business, so that they can (hopefully) better prepare their students for life beyond school.  I feel fortunate to work for an employer who provides opportunities for (indeed, encourages) these types of interactions.

2. Learning what various types of engineers actually do.  I had heard the terms “mechanical engineer”, “chemical engineer”, “civil engineer” before, but didn’t fully understand what these words translated to regarding tangible/observable products.  Now I know!  (At least a little bit, anyway.)  :)

3. Seeing a small scale and a large scale 3-D printing machine in action.  So, so, SO cool!

3d printer


Day 635

1. The first shave from a new razor – so smooth!  Feels terrific.

2. Feeling competent at my job.  I hustled from one unrelated meeting to another all day long – and was able to quickly add value in each one.  Not bad for being just 3 weeks in role!

3. Eating Rice Krispies for the first time in probably 20 years.  (They now make a whole grain brown rice, gluten-free version!)  The “snap-crackle-pop” really is fun to hear.

listen to krispies


Day 634

1. Trying Tofurky for the very first time.  It’s actually quite decent!

2. Seeing two (unrelated) toddlers in a store, each sporting vast quantities of jet black hair.  One Indian girl was about a year old, and had a mop top of straight black hair (and stunningly long eyelashes), while the other Latina baby was around 18 months, and had springy curly hair that bounced every time she moved.  What beautiful babies!

3. Hearing a fantastic podcast – then seeing the same amazing performer deliver an equally awesome presentation from five years ago.  I’m glad I heard the first performance versus saw it – if you close your eyes and really listen to the delivery, it sounds like multiple different people are stepping up to the microphone.  Incredible talent!

delights_sarah jones



Day 633

1. Seeing two very young parents doing a very good job at raising a very happy and well-behaved little boy.

2. Making significant progress on extracting weeds from our landscaping.  It’s a hassle, but it looks (and feels!) great when it’s done.

3. Taking an interesting workshop with a teacher I thoroughly enjoy.

wudang 5 animals qigong


Day 632

1. While shopping for groceries, a woman pushed her way in front of me three separate times in the span of three minutes.  (Once to be first to the checkout, next to be first out the door, and finally to be first out of the parking lot.)  Each time this woman literally moved her body (or vehicle) ahead of me/mine, I just smiled at her.  (After all, it’s her karma, not mine…)  The final time the woman saw me, she finally realized what she had been doing – and she rolled her eyes at her own self!  I laughed out loud.

2. In the grocery store, a baby screeched “hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi!!!!!” at me.  After about five seconds, his mom intervened and in a firm-yet-soothing voice said, “Sammy, you need to speak nicely to the lady.  Say, ‘Hello,’ instead.”  A brief silence.  Then Sammy looked at me and said, “Heeeellllloooooo,” then proceeded to babble more reservedly in baby talk, apparently conveying a very important message to me.  I listened.  After a few seconds Sammy stopped, and his mom looked at me with a smile and asked, “Did you catch all that?”  You bet I did.  :)

3. Watching a terrific 5-minute video that stresses how important children are, and how they deserve to be treated with integrity, respect, and honesty no matter what the topic of conversation happens to be.  A wonderful reminder/awareness for all people to heed.  

delights_laci green


Day 631

1. Seeing a young girl carrying a small bunch of sunflowers.  Farmers Market Thursdays rarely fail to yield at least a few moments of delight.

2. Seeing roadside grasses and flowers dance in the breeze.  An unexpected benefit of getting stuck in traffic.

3. Seeing an old-school Tupperware container in the fridge at work.  When I saw the sunburst lid, I immediately (reflexively) had rapid-fire thoughts of my mom, her stacks of various Tupperware items neatly organized in the cabinet beneath the kitchen counter, my childhood home, my childhood as a whole, my mom’s love for me… and my heart filled with joy.  And of course I smiled.  Big thanks to the anonymous colleague who still uses classic Tupperware!  (And of course, deep gratitude to my mom, who planted such wonderful memories in my mind and sentiments in my soul.)



Day 630

1. Getting to observe a woman grow in so many healthy ways.  It’s an honor to be a part of, and a beautiful thing to witness!

2. Receiving several compliments about my semi-recent haircut.  I wasn’t sure that I liked it when it was first cut (two weeks ago), but as it has grown out just a tiny bit over these past 14 days I really am enjoying it more and more – so to hear others appreciate it as well was a lovely bonus.

3. Reading an article in our local community paper about a nine-year-old girl who is traveling to South Africa to compete in an international chess championship.  (Not her first international competition, by the way.)  I love that a young girl is already so passionate about (and proficient in!) chess (and math) that she is competing at such a serious level – and succeeding!  You go girl!

delights_chess girl2


Day 629

1. Hearing a fantastic POV from one of my colleagues: “You know… I should have been either a meteorologist or a hotel interior designer – in both of those professions, you simply cannot fail.”  I thought about it for a minute, and realized… he is completely right!

2. Listening to my iPod on “shuffle” on the way home – and hearing a series of songs that reminded me of my dad.  (Buddy Holly, Simon and Garfunkel, Crosby Stills & Nash [and sometimes Young]…)  Every time thoughts of that man pop into my brain, I can’t help but smile and feel wonderful.

3. Learning a new word: “derecho”.  I love adding new terms to my vocabulary.  (Seriously!)  



Day 628

1. Clicking with a new teammate seconds after meeting her (we found common interests and values immediately).  Connecting with another human so readily and easily feels wonderful!

2. Enjoying a constant stream of cool air gently blowing in my face on the drive home from work.  I don’t need air conditioning in my vehicle often (indeed, I prefer open windows to forced air), but on days like today (over 90 degrees [F] and 75% humidity) I’m absolutely delighted to have it!  (And you better believe I thoroughly reveled in it.)  :)

3. Receiving an invitation to a rather, um, interesting class (hosted by a local outdoor outfitter group). This is one item I think I’ll  forgo on my “Beyond 101″ list.

At least it's free?  I had no idea Bigfoot was still a 'thing'.

At least it’s free? I had no idea Bigfoot was still a ‘thing’.


Day 627

1. Having the opportunity to try log rolling.  I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again: my city is super cool!

2. Having a friend who is just as curious/adventurous/crazy as I am, and who was willing to attempt log rolling with me.  Shared experiences are almost always more enjoyable than isolated endeavors.

3. Having a physical body that is strong enough, flexible enough, and overall healthy enough to help me instead of hinder me.  It’s such a gift to be able to do (or at least attempt) pretty much anything I want to try.