Day 730

1.  6:47 am.  Walking in to work, I saw a live television crew filming a short segment (about opening day for the local basketball season).  It was cool to see the entire group of individuals (and all of the gear!) required to get a small piece of news on the air.

2. Arriving at work, I saw that the mystery crafting group from yesterday had added more decorated pumpkins to the mix – and again, two in particular caught my eye:

3. Attending a baby shower for one of my colleagues.  The games we played were actually a lot of fun (I’m not generally a fan of party games, so my enjoyment of them says a LOT!), and the gifts that the team assembled for the mama-to-be were shared in a very creative manner:

deights_baby present tower

I work with cool people.


Day 729

1. At 10 am our company cafeteria manager instant messaged me, asking if I could stop by his office to sample some vegan gingerbread he and his team whipped up for me this morning (after the brief conversation he and I had yesterday). Talk about *amazing* customer service!  Of course I went down to the cafeteria straight away – where the manager gave me an entire loaf of bread to “sample”.  Incredible.  (And yes, the bread was very tasty.  The cafe manager made sure to let me know that his crew used fresh ginger instead of dried – and it made all the difference.  Yum.)

2. Walking to the printer in our office, I saw that some of my colleagues have been busy applying their crafting skills to make the space a bit more festive: a tabletop was lined with a variety of mini-pumpkins that had been decked out in Halloween attire.  Two gourds in particular made me smile (and one of them caused me to laugh aloud).  I love how some adults never really “grow up”.  (This is a good thing.)  :)

3. Reading an article about how a dad supported his daughter in an amazing way.  Equality rocks – especially when people actually practice what they preach!   (P.S. If you decide to read the article, be sure to check out the “42 Fierce Halloween Costumes For Girls” slide show at the end of the article.  Even more goodness. [#11 is darling.])

halloween dad


Day 728

1. Seeing a professional woman wearing a skirt and high heels, waiting in the skyway for someone.  At her side was a small boy, around 4 years old.  He waited patiently for a while – but the attention span of a child is only so long.  After a few minutes he bent down like he was going to pick up something he dropped, but then leaned over and tickled his mom’s exposed leg.  Hilarious.  (And sneaky!)  :)

 2. At work our cafeteria manager made an announcement that fresh banana bread was available for sale over the lunch hour.  I asked him if it was vegan.  He went back to the kitchen to ask the chefs, and soon returned to report that the bread contained eggs – so no, not vegan.  I shrugged my shoulders.  I certainly wasn’t upset – that’s just how things frequently go.  Not an issue, just is what it is.  Trying to appease me, he stated, “But we do have vegan cookies!”  Hmm, interesting…. I responded in a half-kidding tone, “You know, if you made some vegan gingerbread, then I’d be all in!”  (In all seriousness, I do love me some gingerbread – but I also was not expecting a company cafeteria to make vegan treats based on the preferences of one individual.)  However.  Later this afternoon the cafeteria manager reached out to me and informed me that he did find a vegan gingerbread recipe, he’s working with the chefs on preparing it, and they should be able to produce a pan by the end of the week.  Holy amazing customer service!  I was (and still am) SUPER impressed!

3. Learning that WordPress (the company that hosts this blogging resource) has partnered with The Pew Charitable Trusts to publicize/widely distribute a Voter Information Tool to help citizens engage in the mid-term election process.  So fantastic!


Day 727

1. Having a very productive-yet-calm day at work.  Consistent effort absent of frenetic energy is my preferred mode of achieving results.  :)

2. Feeling Jojo rub his face against my side, leg, back, etc.  It’s his way of “claiming” me, letting the world know that I am his!  I am flattered that he loves me so.  

3. Watching a celebrity being willing to “humor” a fan – and watching a fan take full advantage of the opportunity to showcase some massive skill.  While the “videography” is questionable, the content of the clip is well worth the six minute view time!


Day 726

1. Having lunch at a funky, comfortable restaurant with an equally funky, comfortable friend.  :)

2. Learning about a “candy buyback” program organized by the local fire department.  Parents drop off unwanted Halloween candy at the fire department, and the firemen/women send the bite-size morsels to U.S. military serving overseas.  Kids get saved from obesity and cavities, parents get spared whining from the aforementioned children, and service people get a nice treat from home.  Win-win-win!

3. Seeing a local home decked out in family-friendly holiday fare:

I appreciate neighbors that try to not scare the bajesus out of a poor three-year-old who just wants to show off their kitty costume and get a few handfuls of candy...

I appreciate neighbors that try to not scare the bajesus out of a poor three-year-old who just wants to show off his/her kitty costume and get a few handfuls of candy…


Day 725

1. Attending a community education class that was full of positive, empowering messages. Love this.

2. Receiving a compact Japanese-English phrasebook in the mail today.  The upcoming trip is starting to get really real…

3. Unexpectedly finding several interesting audio books at the library today!  If I’m going to be sitting on a plane for over 30 hours over the course of a mere 7 days, I want lots of stories to sustain me.

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Day 724

1. Learning a genius trick at the grocery store.  Instead of getting into a power play with a two-year-old, one clever mom asked her daughter, “Lily, where are your knees??”  Since Lily couldn’t touch her knees when kneeling on them, she turned around and sat her bottom on her seat so that she could show her mom her knees.  Tricky mama; smart mama.

2. Seeing a friend who wants to spread positivity in her own pretty way.  Love it.


3. Continuing to be amazed at precisely how “tuned in” the puppies are to my energy.  They completely understood that I have felt like crap for the past four days,and they behaved accordingly.  (I was treated to snuggles and low-key behavior.)  Now that my raging headache is gone and I can stand without being dizzy, the puppies are being more energetic in turn.  Incredible.

Jojo is in front; Charlie is in back.

Jojo is in front; Charlie is in back.

A close-up of Mr. Jojo.

A close-up of Mr. Jojo.

Charlie awake and chillin'.

Charlie awake and chillin’.


Day 723

1. Napping with fresh air blowing on my face.  Ma Nature is blessing us with beautiful weather late into October.

2. Reading a very witty online post from a very down-to-earth guy (and his puppy).

3. Seeing Christopher Walken read a fairy tale.  Hilarious.  

Nature and humor are both very healing.  This nasty cold doesn’t stand a chance.


Day 721

1. Being able to do my job well even when I don’t feel well.  I appreciate the skills I have cultivated over the years, and I’m grateful that my job isn’t physically demanding so that I can perform it even when my body is ill/injured.

2. Hearing the puppies crunch-crunch through piles of leaves on our walk this afternoon.

3. Seeing a terrific video mash-up about women and voting.  It’s a great yesterday-meets-today clip – and is just as powerful now as it was 50 years ago.