Day 665

Spending the day at the state fair*, and:

1. Getting to be close to a whole bunch of different animals.

Hi sweetie.

Hi sweetie.

2. Eating a medley of foods that were rather tasty, not horrible nutritionally, and 100% vegan!

My first fair food - it was SO tasty.

My first fair food.  It was SO tasty.

3. Riding on the Giant Slide.  Fast, but fun!

Yes, this is me.  :)

Yes, this is me. :)


*A detailed write-up about my fair experience will be posted within the next few days at my other blog, should you be curious about it.

Day 664

1. Learning of the existence of National History Day. (It’s described as a “science fair for the subject of history”).  Kind of cool!

2. Learning about a very impressive word-translation app called Word Lens.  Check out the video (1 min); I was amazed!

3. Seeing a comic designed for word nerds.  Of course I laughed.  

delights_to funny


Day 663

1. Enjoying perfect weather – especially after the miserable conditions the city endured just 24 hours prior!  (Yesterday the temps were in the 90s [F] and the humidity was 78% [literally]; today the weather was 78 degrees [F] with dry air and a gentle breeze.  Perfection!)

2. Seeing two 12-year-old boys perform the ALS #IceBucketChallenge.  It was hilarious to see their reactions live, and equally humorous to watch them watch themselves via their videos.

3. Walking past a car whose owner clearly has a sense of humor:

If you squint, you might be able to see a rather sizable dent next to the rear brake light - which the "whoops" sticker is covering.

If you squint, you might be able to see a rather sizable dent next to the rear brake light – which the “whoops” sticker is covering.

Apparently duct tape isn't the only machine cure-all; looks like a little comic book decoupage can repair blemishes, too.

Apparently duct tape isn’t the only machine cure-all; looks like a little comic book decoupage can repair blemishes, too.


Day 662

1. Watching an Inside the Actors Studio tribute to Robin Williams.  I laughed aloud for 36 of the show’s 43 minutes.  What a brilliant and wildly talented man.

2. Witnessing my ALS #IceBucketChallenge cross oceans, and reach people in England, Spain, and Australia.  So wonderful!

3. Seeing a terrific image shared by one of my blogging friends.  She’s a fantastic photographer; you should check her out.  :)

Thanks Ruth!

Thanks Ruth!


Day 661

1. Learning that all 6th grade students in the state are eligible to receive a year-long pass that provides FREE admission to all historic sites and museums in the state (during non-school hours only), with no limit on the number of visits.  Amazing!

2. Seeing a clever garage/yard sale sign.  It read: “Spoiled adults and kids sale.”  Perfect.  :)

3. As I approached a police vehicle (with flashing lights) behind a car that had stopped on the side of the road, I saw that the civilian car had a flat tire – but more interestingly, that the civilian who was presumably driving the car was now on the side of the road, changing out of his jeans/t-shirt and into a Scottish kilt.  Um, okay…?  Even more interesting, the police officer was nowhere to be found.  A crazy, crazy scene – one that definitely made me go, “Hmm.”

This sign was nowhere to be found on my drive...

This sign was nowhere to be found on my drive…


Day 660

1. Watching a small group of honeybees fly in and out of hosta flowers.  They were really quite fascinating to observe.

2. Making peers laugh (in a genuine and good-natured way).  :)

3. Participating in the ALS #IceBucketChallenge.  While I wasn’t a fan of getting freezing water dumped on my head, it did feel good to be part of a positive trend with a tangible and significant impact.  ALS is a horrible disease; I feel honored to be able to help bring awareness to fundraising in the quest for a cure.

Yup, that's me.

Yup, that’s me.


Day 659

1. Hearing one of my online friends describe a petty cash IOU as a “tiny document of trust”.  What beautiful (and appropriate!) imagery.

2. While out with the puppies, walking past an older man who was putting an upright string bass into his vehicle.  When I saw him I smiled, then called out, “Do you play?”  He replied, “Yes,” then asked, “Do you?”  I nodded my head, and approached his yard.  We had a brief-yet-lovely exchange about his plans (he’s performing at the State Fair for a few hours, mostly bluegrass), his animals (he has a poodle, too – but it’s apricot instead of black, and it yaps a lot), and his history in the neighborhood (he’s lived in his home for 30 years!).  Now that we have officially “met”, I will keep my eyes open for him.  It felt great to make a local connection.

3. Opening a beverage this afternoon, I saw this on the underside of the cap:

bottle cap



Day 658

1. Receiving two unexpected (and hand-written) thank you notes.  Aww… so kind!

2. Seeing a dad: 1) walking hand-in-hand with his two young daughters; 2) hearing one of them direct him by saying, “Daddy, only step on the dark squares!” (the floor was comprised of large checkered tiles); and 3) watching him willingly comply.  Super cute.

3. Witnessing the following scene in the grocery store:

An older white woman was struggling to put large bags of water softener salt into her cart.
A younger black man was standing nearby, and when he saw the woman struggling, offered to help her move the bags into her cart.
She smiled and gladly accepted his help.
As he finished, she said, “Now, I just need to take you home with me!” then winked at him.
He blushed, then replied, “Naw, I don’t think my girlfriend would appreciate that….”
The woman smiled, thanked the man for his help, then walked away.
The man exhaled.

Super cute.  (And you go lady!)

Despite the incorrect use of the word "your", this meme still feels appropriate for today's events.  :)

Despite the incorrect use of the word “your”, this meme still feels appropriate for today’s events. :)


Day 657

1. Using a Norwex product for the first time – and being genuinely impressed with its performance!  While I’m not sure I believe the hype about the items being “self-cleaning” (the manufacturer claims, “Norwex Microfiber attracts dirt, grease, and moisture, leaving the surface clean and dry. Once these particles are inside the wet cloth, the micro silver in the cloth goes to work with the self-purification properties against the mold, fungi and bacterial odor within 24 hours, so that it is ready to use again.”), I do know that the towel I used this morning dried my hair at least 50% more than my usual bath towel – so I’m sold!  I’m a fan of anything that shaves time off my morning routine; and it was also refreshing to use a product that delivers what it promises.

2. Enjoying a hilariously inappropriate comment one of my colleagues made.  I love when people are comfortable enough (and trust me enough) to cut the crap and just “be real”.

3. Reading a tribute to Robin Williams, I was directed to a Time magazine “10 Questions” interview – where minutes 4:31-5:01 made me laugh out loud.  Mr. Williams had such a gift; while we mourn his loss, I also hope we remember to celebrate his life, and to honor his contributions by laughing loudly and often.


Day 656

1. Having a colleague at my employer – whom I’ve only ever interfaced with online via our company internet – send me a personal, detailed, informative message in response to a post I submitted.  So thoughtful.  I was surprised – and genuinely touched.

2. Re-connecting with a former colleague whom I haven’t seen in over 4 years.  She asked about my sweetie and I – and when I confirmed that we were still together, and were still quite happy with one another, she said, “That warms my heart.”  Awwww…  Her choice of words warmed mine!

3. Seeing an image that provided an important awareness – and now serves as a powerful reminder: