Day 631

1. Seeing a young girl carrying a small bunch of sunflowers.  Farmers Market Thursdays rarely fail to yield at least a few moments of delight.

2. Seeing roadside grasses and flowers dance in the breeze.  An unexpected benefit of getting stuck in traffic.

3. Seeing an old-school Tupperware container in the fridge at work.  When I saw the sunburst lid, I immediately (reflexively) had rapid-fire thoughts of my mom, her stacks of various Tupperware items neatly organized in the cabinet beneath the kitchen counter, my childhood home, my childhood as a whole, my mom’s love for me… and my heart filled with joy.  And of course I smiled.  Big thanks to the anonymous colleague who still uses classic Tupperware!  (And of course, deep gratitude to my mom, who planted such wonderful memories in my mind and sentiments in my soul.)



Day 630

1. Getting to observe a woman grow in so many healthy ways.  It’s an honor to be a part of, and a beautiful thing to witness!

2. Receiving several compliments about my semi-recent haircut.  I wasn’t sure that I liked it when it was first cut (two weeks ago), but as it has grown out just a tiny bit over these past 14 days I really am enjoying it more and more – so to hear others appreciate it as well was a lovely bonus.

3. Reading an article in our local community paper about a nine-year-old girl who is traveling to South Africa to compete in an international chess championship.  (Not her first international competition, by the way.)  I love that a young girl is already so passionate about (and proficient in!) chess (and math) that she is competing at such a serious level – and succeeding!  You go girl!

delights_chess girl2


Day 629

1. Hearing a fantastic POV from one of my colleagues: “You know… I should have been either a meteorologist or a hotel interior designer – in both of those professions, you simply cannot fail.”  I thought about it for a minute, and realized… he is completely right!

2. Listening to my iPod on “shuffle” on the way home – and hearing a series of songs that reminded me of my dad.  (Buddy Holly, Simon and Garfunkel, Crosby Stills & Nash [and sometimes Young]…)  Every time thoughts of that man pop into my brain, I can’t help but smile and feel wonderful.

3. Learning a new word: “derecho”.  I love adding new terms to my vocabulary.  (Seriously!)  



Day 628

1. Clicking with a new teammate seconds after meeting her (we found common interests and values immediately).  Connecting with another human so readily and easily feels wonderful!

2. Enjoying a constant stream of cool air gently blowing in my face on the drive home from work.  I don’t need air conditioning in my vehicle often (indeed, I prefer open windows to forced air), but on days like today (over 90 degrees [F] and 75% humidity) I’m absolutely delighted to have it!  (And you better believe I thoroughly reveled in it.)  :)

3. Receiving an invitation to a rather, um, interesting class (hosted by a local outdoor outfitter group). This is one item I think I’ll  forgo on my “Beyond 101″ list.

At least it's free?  I had no idea Bigfoot was still a 'thing'.

At least it’s free? I had no idea Bigfoot was still a ‘thing’.


Day 627

1. Having the opportunity to try log rolling.  I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again: my city is super cool!

2. Having a friend who is just as curious/adventurous/crazy as I am, and who was willing to attempt log rolling with me.  Shared experiences are almost always more enjoyable than isolated endeavors.

3. Having a physical body that is strong enough, flexible enough, and overall healthy enough to help me instead of hinder me.  It’s such a gift to be able to do (or at least attempt) pretty much anything I want to try. 



Day 626

1. Seeing a 3-year-old boy unintentionally create a bicycle “trainer” for himself.  He was sitting atop a two-wheeled bike that also had training wheels attached – and the front wheel of the bike was stuck in a patch of mud in such a way that the back portion of the bike sat on the training wheels while the main back tire spun freely.  So as the young boy peddled and peddled and peddled, his bike simply sat stationary (even though the back wheel was spinning very fast).  It was quite a humorous sight.  :)

2. Seeing an AMAZING pediatrician in action.  Talk about a man with a gift.

3. Hearing Word Crimes for the first time. Love love love love LOVE!

word crimes


Day 625

1. Learning about a fantastic local initiative called “Kids Don’t Float“, which offers free loaner life vests for all boaters (children and adults alike) at the local lake.  Wonderful!

2. Seeing a group of dads watching their teenage boys playing baseball.  A sweet blend of pride and memories.

3. Learning about Elon Musk: a literal genius who possesses an appreciation for beauty and a desire to do good in the world.  What an amazing (and inspiring) human!

elon musk_tesla car


Day 624

1. Holding a different opinion from some of my peers – yet all of us engaging in respectful, seeking-to-understand conversation.

2. Seeing a man carrying a yoga bag.  (Further proof that two X chromosomes are not required to be a yogi.)  :)

3. Hearing a peer whistling as he walked down the hallway.  A literal “whistle while you work”!



Day 623

1. Receiving a variety of compliments at work.  Being recognized for competence, and having my colleagues state (and demonstrate) that are confident in my abilities, is the best type of compliment I could hope to get.  I feel respected, appreciated, and just plain ol’ liked.  It feels really good.  :)

2. Hearing, seeing, and feeling the puppies breathe slowly, deeply, and heavily on my lap.  My little cuddle puffs.

3. Receiving an email that has been nine years in the making!

delight_student loan notice


Day 622

1. Learning some really cool “hidden features” for the iPhone.  Numbers 1, 2, 9, 10, 18, 19, and 20 are all super-helpful to me!

2. In a staff meeting, laughing until I cried.  I work with amazing people.

3. Changing a big-ass jug of water all by myself.  Independence feels terrific.  :)

water jug