Day 424

1. My SIL making a vegan meal option for our annual in-law family holiday gathering.  I try to not make a big deal out of my dietary requirements – but absolutely appreciate it when people willingly take any extra steps to accommodate them. I know it’s not always easy, and I deeply value the effort and thoughtfulness.

2. Seeing my FIL eat a bowl of the vegan soup – and genuinely enjoy it!  (I don’t think he realized it was vegan – until I made a point of mentioning it to him.)  :)

3. Spending the day in the company of good people.  I laughed, I learned, I connected – and I felt totally at ease, content, and loved.

More amazing 3D graffiti images can be found here.

(More amazing 3D graffiti images can be found here.)


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6 thoughts on “Day 424

    • It’s difficult when different people have different needs; I always appreciate hosts who do their best to at least try to accommodate their guests. When it works, it’s all the better! :)

      • Yesterday in Marshall’s, I picked up a box of Hollywood Crochet and thought about sending it to you but didn’t know his you’d feel about crocheting an Elvis doll! Seemed like an assignment. But if it appeals. Let me know

      • Oh my goodness, that sounds AWESOME! I am tickled that you thought of me – and I would welcome any gift you want to share. Fantastic! :)

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