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Day 872

1. Purchasing my very first sewing machine.

2. Successfully threading and using the sewing machine!  The bobbin gave me a little trouble early on; but a brief You Tube tutorial got me back in business very quickly. (My issues were identified [and addressed] at min 1:20 and 1:53.)

3. Receiving some great sewing humor from a friend:

As I told my friend, "This is hilarious!  Especially because I am breaking pretty much every rule stated.  :)"

As I told my friend, “This is hilarious! Especially because I am breaking pretty much every rule stated. :)”


Day 871

1. Reading an article about using robots to not only help students learn, but to help them feel better about themselves.  Sometimes “overt” attempts to help a student feel better about themselves have the opposite effect; I love that this approach helps the child generate authentic positive self-views.  Wonderful!

2. Making progress on Mission: Move In To New Home.  All clothes are put away, and just a handful of boxes remain.  It’s coming along!

3. Having our old home go on the market – and already getting a potential buyer walking through it!  Fingers crossed it moves quickly; this is a great start! 



Day 870

1. Reading a blog post by one of my friends where she challenged her readers to find a typo on a clock.  It took me many tries to identify the mistake – and once I did, I laughed.

2. Reading an article about an innovative way to raise awareness of pet rescue and adoption at a very popular event!  Creative minds are wonderful.

3. Seeing lots of terrific artwork all over a college campus (where I’m attending a conference).  Public art makes life so much happier!



Day 869

1. Attending a conference where I am learning a ton of new things.  What’s more, I can likely apply this new knowledge to both my professional and my personal lives.  Win-win-win!

2. Seeing a tiny 4-year-old girl kicking a soccer ball around a huge field.  She was small, but already had some mad skills!  Very cute and encouraging.

3. Doing a double-take as I walked past a vending machine on the college campus where the conference is occurring:

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Day 868

1.  Today’s Google doodle.  Smiling, dancing things always brighten my day – and my mood.  🙂

2. Having my first status with my new leader.  I really appreciate her style, attitude, openness, and desire to continually learn and grow – I’m excited to report to her.

3. Seeing a happy ketchup packet:

happy ketchup


Day 867

1. Seeing a 4-year-old girl eating ice cream *while* riding an elevator (and pushing the button, of course).  This was a clear vision of little kid heaven, right in front of me.  So awesome.

2. Meeting one of our new neighbors.  She seems very nice and social – she even commented that my sweetie and I should come over for dinner after we’ve settled in to our new house.  Wonderful!

3. Seeing a hilarious video from a mama who is fed up with Frozen.  I don’t have children and have not seen this movie, but even *I* am fed up with Frozen!  I can’t imagine what this lady is going through; but I am laughing in support of her.


Day 865

1. Successfully moving 80% of our kitchen from our old home to our new one. The two most important rooms in any house are the kitchen and the bathroom (IMO); to have one of these areas be almost completely squared away feels really, really good.

2. Donating a car full of no-longer needed items to Goodwill. I love that my sweetie and I are only bringing items in to our new home that we really want and value.

3. As I started to feel stressed about the current state of disarray both of our homes are in, my sweetie reassuring me with this observation: “This house in a state of chaos is still better than our old house in a state of perfection.” He is completely right. This new home has so much better space than our old house ever did; even if we live with boxes and clutter for months and months, it will still be better than what we just moved from. We are damn lucky people.



Day 864

1. Making excellent progress on the cleaning-up and putting-away of our new home. The clean-up is turning out to be a LOT more than I anticipated, but at least now I know that our space is germ, pest, and grime-free.

2. Having friends cheer me along virtually as I worked alone all day. Cleaning is not fun (and cleaning for literally 9 hours just plains sucks), but having friends send me encouraging notes made the process a bit more tolerable.

3. Being blessed with a husband who does all he can to make a stressful event as low-stress as possible. He has been showering me with encouraging words and hugs – and I absolutely appreciate them all.

Jojo sleeping on the job.  Looks like I’ll have to dock his pay for today…

Jojo sleeping on the job. Looks like I’ll have to dock his pay for today…


Day 863

1. Having movers haul all of our bulky furniture from our old home to our new one. We have never used “professional” movers before – they were worth every penny.

2. Enjoying perfect moving weather. Sunny, 60 degrees (F), and slightly breezy… not too hot, not too cold, and no rain or snow to struggle against. Perfect.

3. My BIL surprising my sweetie and I by stopping at our new house this evening! He is the very first family member to see the space – and getting to share the big event with him was a wonderful way to end the day.

The view from the living room of our new home.

The view from the living room of our new home.