Day 858

1. At the store, I pulled a box of crackers off the shelf to examine the ingredients and nutritional label.  A 2-year-old boy saw me holding the crackers, and said, “Yum!”  I asked him, “Do you like these?”, and he replied with a vigorous head nod and an emphatic, “Yes!”  I smiled at him.  The boy looked at me, then the crackers, then back and me – then said, “Buy ’em!”  I looked at his mom and commented, “He’s quite the marketer!”  🙂  What I love most is that this little boy wanted me to get the crackers so that I would be happy.  (The crackers make him happy, so certainly they would make me happy, too.)  What a sweetie.

2. A few aisles later, seeing a cute product on a shelf.  I’m not sure how effective this item is, but the design certainly made me smile:

delights_scrub daddy

3. A little later in the shopping trip, seeing another terrific sight:

delights_places you'll go


Want to join me? Feel free to share any of your daily delights below. (Other comments also accepted.) :)

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