Day 853

1. Arriving to work to find a terrific message on my computer screen:   

delights_good things

2. Reading an article about a fantastic 91-year-old woman.  I love seeing examples of vitality at every age, but particularly in older individuals.  I want to be just like this lady when I “grow old”.  🙂

3. Overhearing a great exchange in the skyway:

Mom (to her two-and-a-half year old son): “Why do you keep messing up your hat?  [The boy was wearing a brimmed hat with the brim askew instead of facing straight ahead.]  You are driving me crazy!”

Sister (to the mom): “Why don’t you let him be?  If that’s the way he wants to wear it, so what?  It’s not hurting anything, is it?”

I love that the sister recognized that children are people (with preferences, desires, and aspirations just like all of us) – and treated her nephew with appropriate respect.


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