Day 844

1. Spending part of the morning sitting on the sofa with the puppies at my side.  Their rhythmic breathing (snoring) is simultaneously funny and oddly calming.

2. Spending part of the afternoon with my sweetie, purchasing some “last-minute” items for the soon-to-be-newly-ours house.  (Sexy things like garbage disposals, shower heads, oodles of switch plates… jealous?)  😉  While I’m not a fan of home improvement shopping, the task was made infinitely more enjoyable completing it with my sweetie.

3. Seeing a very cute video of a French bulldog puppy discovering surprising items in his house:


2 thoughts on “Day 844

  1. Mom

    Really enjoyed the puppy video. Reminded me of an incident when you were 3 yrs old. We had just moved to Memphis, and I must have been a total witch on this day, as you went to the bathroom and started shouting at the very same type of door stop – “little boy! little boy! Come here NOW!” Repeated it several times until you gave up on the “kid” (aka…doorstop) and walked away in disgust! Never quite figured out what triggered the outburst, but was pretty funny at the time! Still makes me smile thinking of it. Ah…the moments that stay with us. The brain is truly remarkable.


    1. Stef Post author

      Oh my gosh, that is hilarious! I don’t remember that incident at all – but am thrilled that you do. Oh little boy… why didn’t you just come when asked? 🙂



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