Day 841

1. Having the ability to leave work when I’m sick.  I deeply appreciate that I’m not paid by the hour (and therefore don’t have to suffer through a work shift if I want to be able to pay my bills), and that my employer values each employee’s health over their (our) ‘productivity’/work outputs.  I am so incredibly blessed.

2. Having a very sweet husband who let me sleep for about 18 hours.  He took care of the pups, did the dishes, and helped ensure that any possible disruptions were minimized/eliminated.  What a lovely man.  I am a very lucky gal.

3. Crashing out first on the sofa, then later in the bed, and getting all the sleep I possibly wanted.  I adore our soft pillows, body-cradling bed, and cozy blankets – all made for a lovely day/evening of slumber.


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