Day 829

1. At the vet’s office (just picking up meds – no puppy issues being addressed [for a change]), the British receptionist remarked that one dog who was in earlier that morning was a “crabby chappy”.  Hearing this novel expression coupled with her fun accent totally made me smile.  (And the animal in question received some pain meds and is now much happier.)

2. At a check out at a local drug store, the cashier saw the item I was purchasing and immediately reached for an envelope next to her register.  Opening the pouch, I saw that it was stuffed with coupons.  She quickly extracted a $1-off slip for the exact item was buying – and scanned it before I could really even process what was happening.  I was impressed by the woman’s seemingly photographic memory of the myriad of coupons in her possession – and happily surprised that she chose to give one to me.  Thank you kind lady!

3. Using Working Hands lotion for the first time.  The product is quite amazing: non-greasy, odorless, and powerful.  It’s a terrific antidote to cold, dry winter air (as well as the hot, dry air I use to warm myself).  I’m also impressed with the product packaging: the container’s lid has a soft-yet-grippy rubber wrapper around the outside, so that the user can easily remove the top (even with owie hands), and can then replace the lid (even if those hands are now slippery due to the lotion still permeating the skin).  The product is slightly expensive – but to me the price is worth the results it produces.

delights_working hands


2 thoughts on “Day 829

  1. Ruth

    The universe rhymes with the gift of a coupon.
    I’m going to try working hands product as splits are a winter problem but not so
    much since I teach photography instead of k-8 art.


    1. Stef Post author

      You should definitely try it. I imagine this product would be great for teachers, nurses, doctors, gardeners, and anyone else who washes their hands often.



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