Day 823

1. Finalizing decisions on every floor and wall surface in our new home.  Whew!  Both my sweetie and I are thrilled that this phase of the renovation/improvement process is finished.  (Now on to lighting…)  :/

2. Connecting with a former colleague whom I haven’t seen in over a year.  When we last visited, she was recovering from two broken shoulders.  (Barn accident.)  Twelve months later, she is completely healed.  She has her full range of motion back and everything.  Modern day science, technology, and health care is amazing!

3. Seeing the below kooky image.  Creative adults with ‘spare time’ on their hands often make me chuckle.

delight_lego vadar


3 thoughts on “Day 823

  1. Ruth

    I have a thing for #3 today.Fun. Happy you completed your choices for the new home. Sounds like a major effort to me. And will be so satisfying when it is ready.


    1. Stef Post author

      It’s a semi-significant undertaking – but yes, the work now will be SO worth it when it’s done! (Isn’t that always the way, though?) 😉



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