Day 822

1. Taking a 90-minute nap this afternoon.  I rarely take naps; so indulging in one felt very decadent.  I deeply appreciate that I have a flexible schedule which allows me to take care of myself – and I adored having two sweet pups to share the sofa with. 

2. Seeing a brief bit of wisdom published in a real-estate magazine: “A successful sale means everyone walks away feeling happy.”  Yes!  And I would apply this credo to situations well beyond the exchange of goods and services…

3. Reading an article in our local community paper about a man with cerebral palsy who created a website that rates the accessibility of video games.  (Before you judge, read the article.)  At one point in the interview he stated, “I average between 50 and 60 hits a day now on the website. Of course, if you compare it to a site like Amazon, it’s not very much, but we’re slowly growing. Two years ago, I was lucky to get three hits a day.”  As a fellow website administrator, I can absolutely relate to his statement – and I thought, how cool would it be if his site got pinged way more than 60 times, even if just for a day?  So if you want to make this guy’s week, consider sharing the link to his site, and encouraging people to just click through to his home page.  I think it would be so fun if we all lit up his stats, even if only for a little while.



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