Day 821

1. Receiving a bit of education at the coffee shop.  The daily trivia question was: “Which of the following languages does English borrow the most words from?”  (Choices: Finnish, French, German, Polish.)  Answer: French!  I guessed German – and the barista informed me, “The English language structure follows German – both use gender-neutral nouns, for example – but more vocabulary is derived from French.”  Wonderful!  I adore learning.  

2. Laughing out loud many times during a team lunch.  I work with smart, funny, kooky people; I love it. 

3. Overhearing a plethora of what I would consider “private” conversations today. (They were all held in wide open public spaces.)  Among my favorite: A woman was explaining to her friend that she was having difficulties with her boyfriend – who is also her boss.  The woman then commented how this relationship seems to be going down the same path as her previous romantic partnership – which was with her former boss.  Upon hearing this, her friend rolled his eyes and said, “Hashtag-dumbass-don’t-you-learn?”  I had to bite my tongue to keep from chuckling.  A brilliant hashtag application.  🙂


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