Day 820

1. At work, one of our colleagues commented how he owned a single record when he was a child (“We Are The World”).  His recollection caused a memory from my childhood to spring into action: my sister and I laying in her bed together, listening to a recording of Henny Penny.  Amazing how moments from over 30 years ago can still be so vivid – and so comforting.

2.  Arriving home after work to find a surprise package at my door!  Many months ago I gave a few bucks to a podcast creator (I like to support independent artists) – and he sent me a whole bundle of goodies as a thank you!  Among the treats were two zines he has written, a CD of music used in his podcast, a really nice t-shirt with his podcast logo on it, a postcard containing a photo of him, his wife, and his cutie daughter, and a handwritten thank you note.  Wow!  How cool is all that?!  

3. Seeing a segment from The Daily Show that had me laughing out loud.  If you don’t mind (censored) profanity, minutes 1:40-2:35 are worth a peek (IMO).  🙂

delight_daily show


4 thoughts on “Day 820

  1. Ruth

    #2Super Cool-
    but Jon Stewart had me laughing out loud. I wouldn’t have seen it if you hadn’t posted it and hearing my sister in Manhattan tell about the 6inches they got confirms the ridiculousness of the hype. Very funny



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