Day 817

1. Spending a lot of time upside down in yoga class.  I am *so* close to nailing handstand…

2. Working calmly yet consistently – which allowed me to cross off a lot of items on my to-do list.  I love that feeling.

3. Watching a very entertaining and informative debate between an atheist and a Christian.  Some of my favorite parts:

  • 2:56: “I view Jesus much the way I view Elvis.  I love the guy, but a lot of the fan clubs really freak me out.”
  • 4:36: “Jesus was pretty much the most extremely liberal guy ever in history… [he was a] peaceful radical non-violent revolutionary [who] hung out with lepers hookers and crooks; never spoke English, wasn’t an American citizen, anti-wealth, anti-death penalty, anti-public prayer – Matthew 6:5, yes he was; never anti-gay, never anti-abortion, never anti-premarital sex, long haired, brown skin – that’s in Revelation Kirk Cameron, yes he was brown skin – homeless, Middle Eastern, Jew!”  The atheist’s response?  “If that guy was real, I would totally hang out with him!”  🙂
  • 6:03: Regarding people who don’t believe in a higher power: “I don’t need no help.  I don’t need no God, no government loans, no high fives – I’ll do it all with my mind!”  Funny.

delights_Human Peace Sign New York 2010


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