Day 813

1. Getting my wedding rings professionally cleaned.  They now look brand new!  

2. Completing a work task that has been hanging over my head for the past two weeks.  It feels SO good to have it done.

3. Learning how my sweetie’s sports team obtained their latest logo: They asked the one-handed pull tab ticket seller at the local dive bar if she would sketch a drawing for them.  She turned out an amazing piece.  Absolutely crazy.  And WAY cool.

sir moist beef



3 thoughts on “Day 813

  1. Ruth

    Monacle and top hat on a bull? makes me wonder what gentleman’s sport/team the new logo represents. Hmmm. Bet those shiny rings catch the light and and your eye!


    1. Stef Post author

      The newly cleaned rings refract light in a million different directions – it’s cool.

      My husband’s broom ball team(s) like to come up with unique names for themselves. The latest iteration (for which this drawing was created) is called “Sir Moist Beef”; to keep it ‘classy’, they wanted to sport a cow dressed in the same style as Mr. Peanut.

      They’re a bit strange folks, I know. But hey, whatever makes them happy… 🙂


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