Day 812

1. Waiting in line at the ATM, a rough, gruff old man glared at me as I stood behind him.  When his turn to use the machine arrived, he spun around, and muttered, “You can go ahead of me.”  I was rather surprised, and replied, “Um…thanks…but I’m not in a rush…If you want to go ahead, please do…” to which he said, “No.  I want you to go.”  Just goes to show that underneath every crusty exterior lives a compassionate soul.  A nice affirmation to receive.

2. Having colleagues respect my skills, approaches, and opinions.  Life feels so much better when I am well-thought-of by people I hold in high regard.   

3. Seeing a formerly dark, cramped, forgotten downtown space be re-energized and re-vitalized.  New is nice, but useful and purposeful is awesome.

improved public space



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