Day 806

1. Having lunch with one of my brothers-in-law.  We laughed, we shared, and I felt super-energized afterwards.  The food was fine, but the company was great.

2. Getting a whole flurry of “likes” and new followers on a few of my blogs.  It feels great when complete strangers think that what I have to share is good/important/interesting enough to seek out.  Thank you blog supporters, old and new!  🙂

3. Hearing a colleague explain that after spending a frustrating day with her children, she set this expectation with them: “You all have four things you each must do every day.  You must wake up.  You must brush your teeth in the morning.  You must get dressed.  You must brush your teeth before bed.  You must do these four things every single day.  I will not discuss these four things with you.  I will not argue with you about these four things.  I will not explain these four things to you again.  I will not negotiate with you about these four things.  I will not change my mind about these four things.  These four things have to happen every day.  You must do all of these four things every day.  Four things.  Got it?  Four things.”  The way she described this explanation made me smile; ah, if life were so simple that it could be reduced to four things, what a joy that would be.

Combat this...

Combat this…

…with this.  Awesome.

…with this.



6 thoughts on “Day 806

    1. Stef Post author

      Four things made complete sense to me – though I did roll my eyes a bit when toothbrushing was required to make the list twice. (I would have thought that brushing both morning and night was implied in a general toothbrushing directive – but apparently not.) Yes, follows and likes are always fun – and appreciated!


    1. Stef Post author

      Definitely. Eating is always more enjoyable (and food always tastes better) when it’s shared with terrific company. Such was the case today. 🙂


  1. bookreviews1966

    I have to share my happy story, stop at my blog today as I featured you and your story about your dog. I share my experience with my cat. I hope to see you there, to make my day happier! Blessings.



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