Day 803

1. Listening to a great audiobook written and read by a local author.  His animated storytelling style completely draws me in to his tales; and his relatable Midwestern focus makes me smile.  Good stuff.

2. Receiving helpful information from a loan officer that will serve me well not only now, but likely years into the future.  I appreciate him going above-and-beyond to provide excellent service.

3. Seeing a commercial that caused me to laugh out loud.  

Whoooo!!  Get some cold cuts, get some cold cuts… Awesome.


2 thoughts on “Day 803

  1. Grandma Nancy

    LOL I love this commercial. I have seen it 100 times or more but every time it plays I laugh out loud. It’s true to the excitement I feel when I’m number 36 at the deli counter and they just only called number 20. One day I’m gonna break out in this little dance when it’s finally my turn. Hopefully my husband will understand LOL.


    1. Stef Post author

      I think it would be AWESOME if you did the dance (and chant!) at the market. I’m laughing just imagining you doing so. Terrific. 🙂



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