Day 802

1. Being complimented on my posture by a library patron.  (I was volunteering at a book sale fundraiser.) When I told the man, “It’s all thanks to yoga,” he paused, then in a genuinely curious tone asked, “Really?”  I think I may have just unintentionally converted a new person to the practice.  🙂

2. In the library restroom, a small unattended girl was standing at one of the sinks, struggling to wash her hands.  After seeing her reach for the too-far-away soap dispenser, I asked her if she wanted some help.  She nodded, so I transferred a dollop of soap from my hands to hers.  After rubbing her hands together for a full 30 seconds, she placed them under the automatic faucet – but again, her reach was too short, and the sensor failed to acknowledge her presence.  After the girl puzzled about what to do for a few seconds, I waved my hand next to the faucet sensor, and water began to flow.  As the stream began, the little girl let out a small, “Whoa…..” with a sense of wonder.  I smiled, and said, “That’s pretty cool, huh?”  The girl nodded, and replied, “It’s  like magic.”  Indeed.

3. Seeing a feisty little man combine good humor with good moves.  Go white boy go white boy go!  🙂

delights_dance move


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