Day 785

1. Stopping by the site of a blogger who chose to ‘follow’ my writing, and in reading his “About” page, remembering one of the many fantastic teachers I had in high school.  It’s been 22 years since I saw that man – and even if I never again calculate the magnitude or direction of a vector, that caring adult will always play an important role in my life.  Peace to you Mr. Lutey.

2. Sitting on a sofa in my pajamas, crocheting my little brains out.  A fantastic way to spend a winter morning.  🙂

3. Hearing a good story at this afternoon’s church service.  (You can download the entire story via PDF at this church site.)  Here’s to laying down burdens and opening ourselves to genuine generosity, wisdom, and compassion – a pretty terrific message and mission for Christmas (eve), and for every day.

delights_Christmas eve


2 thoughts on “Day 785

  1. Ruth

    Enjoyed your post with the story about your teacher following you.
    Very cool
    Crocheting your brains out is something I can relate to as well, Stef
    Everyone still asleep.
    Have a delightful Christmas day!


    1. Stef Post author

      It’s a cozy feeling to be the only one awake in a house full of sleeping people; enjoy that tranquil time. And then enjoy the heck out of everyone when they do rise. (That’s my plan for today.) 🙂



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