Day 780

1.  A friend sending me a vegan recipe.  I love that she thought of me, then took action to share that moment with me.  I also love that she wants to support my lifestyle choices!

2. My mom sending a Christmas care package with peanut brittle for my sweetie, toys for our puppies, and three loaves of homemade vegan sweet breads for me!  I had some chocolate zucchini bread this evening – and was immediately transported back to my childhood.  (My mom made the non-vegan version of this bread often when I was a kid.)  I adore the thoughtfulness of my parents, and their respect and support as all of our lives continue to evolve.  [I love you Mom and Dad!]

3. Reading a hope-filled message: “The same challenges that imperil our very existence may help us unite in ways never before witnessed in human history.”  ~B. Alan Wallace, via Tricycle






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