Day 776

1. The conversation between a burly man in line ahead of me at the grocery store and the cashier who was ringing up his order:

Man: Do you have any stamps?
Cashier: Yes, they are $9.80 each.
Man: Okay, I’ll take one book, please.
Cashier: Would you like gingerbread houses or children playing in the snow?
Man: Umm…. [pauses]  Houses, I guess?

I envisioned this man sending out his bills with non-“masculine” stamps affixed to his envelopes – and I chuckled out loud.

2. A commercial came on the TV, and my sweetie pointed to a woman in the spot and asked, “Hey, isn’t that the woman from that clothing show we used to watch?”  

I clarified, “You mean Stacy London from ‘What Not To Wear’?”  

My sweetie responded, “Yes!  Isn’t that her?”  

I looked more closely at the woman currently on the screen, then answered, “No, that’s not her.  Not even close.”

My sweetie looked slightly irked.  “Oh, c’mon, they don’t look that different!” he protested.

“Well, they both have brown hair,” I reluctantly conceded.

“And faces,” he added.

To which I simply laughed out loud.  Yes, they both have faces, too.  

Silly boy.

3. Reviewing a series of captioned images from the parents of picky eaters.  Many of these make logical sense when seen from a child’s point of view – and are hilarious when looked at from a more adult lens.  Oh, people… we are a funny breed of animal.  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Day 776

    1. Stef Post author

      I can just envision them in their respective households; I love that their parents are able to retain some semblance of good humor about their finicky ways.



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