Day 772

1. Sleeping with puppies.  While I was opposed to this idea a week ago (when my husband first began the now nightly habit of allowing one of our old dogs to get into bed with us), I have to admit that it does feel good to have a sweet, trusting old soul snuggling next to me in the dark wee hours.

2. Learning about an upcoming conference that is focusing on a variety of interesting content – and is local and affordable!  A fantastic trifecta.

3. Receiving a completely unexpected text from a stranger in my workplace.  Her thoughtful comments made me smile!  

delilght-workplace text


4 thoughts on “Day 772

      1. Arman

        One germanshepherd & 1 doberman pincher shared my life for more than a decade 🙂 But at one time I was lucky enough to share my bed with 2 germanshepherds, 1 doberman pincher and 1 labrador 😀 Talk about staying warm! It was HOT! LOL. We had to have the AC on full blast in summer.


      2. Stef Post author

        Oh my goodness, I don’t know how you had room in the bed for YOU! I imagine it was very toasty in that bed – and hairy. 🙂 Do you not have any more pets?


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