Day 769

1. Working with an awesome peer.  She is thoughtful while also being tenacious, and is willing to do whatever needs to be done (and does it fast and well!).  I love working with cool, professional, kind people.

2. Unexpectedly running into my sweetie.  Seeing him for even a few minutes can re-energize me for hours – and today, our brief-yet-happy encounter did precisely that.

3. Overhearing this exchange at the store:

Cashier: Do you want me to double-bag these items for you?
Customer: No, that’s okay.  Thanks though.
Cashier (looking dubious): You know this bag is gonna be pretty heavy, right?  You sure you don’t want me to double-bag it?
Customer (smiling): No, that’s fine.  If I get a single bag, what’s the worst that can happen, right?
Cashier (rather serious): The bag can break!  And all yo’ stuff can go crashin’ to the ground!
Customer (still smiling): Eh, so a few cans get dented.  I’ll live.
Cashier: Yeah, but those cans gonna be flyin’ ’round all over the street.  You’ll have to run around to collect ’em all. (Pause. Then looking squarely at the customer.) Are you prepared to run today?

That last line was the one that cracked me up.  I laughed out loud, and both the cashier and the customer looked at me, and all three of us giggled.  The customer remained sold on his single bag notion, and the cashier wished him good luck.  As he left the store and I put my items on the conveyor belt, the cashier commented, “I hope that boy don’t hafta run today.  But if he do, it’s on him.”

Yes ma’am.  🙂

delight_grocery bag1



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