Day 766

1. Receiving a free coffee drink.  I thoroughly enjoyed my decaf soy latte; mmmm.

2. Seeing two nuns shopping.  It’s a scene I don’t witness every day, and it definitely made me pause – then smile.  (Can you tell I didn’t go to Catholic school?)  😉

3. As I approached a shopping cart, a small girl sitting in the front section waited for me to get within arm’s length – then growled at me with an empassioned “ROAR!”. Not one to be intimidated (or self-conscious), I reflexively responded with a similarly assertive “ROAR!”.  I clearly caught the little girl by surprise, because she paused for a second – then LAUGHED one of those fantastic little kid belly laughs.  Clearly she wasn’t expecting an adult to roar at her, but the surprise turn of events made her day – and mine.  



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