Day 754

1. Getting to wear a jacket outside instead of a coat.  I’ll happily accept any increase in temps I can get – even if the uptick only lasts a day.  (Or two, or three….)  🙂

2. Having a great lunch with a great friend.  We spent our time together discussing culture: of America and Japan, of children and adults, of various family units (and of all the dynamics that can surface whenever families are created and gather together)… I don’t have many friends that enjoy these types of conversations (read: deep, chunky, full of meaning and lacking triviality); the shared meal fed not only my body, but my soul.

3. Seeing a beautiful scene in the yoga studio: a small, sparse tree adorned with colorful origami swans.  Something about this sight caught my attention, and grabbed something in my heart.  The image below doesn’t do the experience justice; but it helps me remember the moment I had.  And a touching moment it was.

yoga swans


2 thoughts on “Day 754

    1. Stef Post author

      I did feel a lot more comfortable in Japan than I do in many places in the US – in spite of the cultural and language unknowns. Every place has their short comings, of course – but Japan did feel really good to my spirit. Kindred souls…



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