Day 750

1. Being “on my game” today.  It felt good.

2. Experiencing completely random moments of shared experiences with an older gentleman (whom I took a class from this evening – Community Education strikes again!).  🙂  One example: The man mentioned how he had just come from visiting a friend in hospice – so we shared a few brief stories about our various hospice volunteer experiences.  When I asked about his kids, he explained that one of his sons was a Buddhist monastic for four years – and the man was very surprised to learn that I knew “quite a lot” about meditation.  When I asked where his son was a monastic, the man answered, “Japan – in Kyoto” – then asked me if I had ever been to Japan.  Well, interestingly…. I just got back from there!  We shared about six other unexpected situations; it was a crazy, kooky, awesome night.

3. Encountering public art in unexpected places.  More happy surprises!

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