Day 743

1. Sitting next to my sweetie while he ate at a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant.  Conveyor-belt sushi in Tokyo – that’s pretty darn cool.

2. In Japan, “tipping” is simply not done.  Everyone is paid the stated price, and not one yen more.  In fact, merchants don’t ever verbally say the total price of a transaction; they simply point to the number on the cash register, show a number on a calculator (for local mom-and-pop shops), or point to a number on a hand-written bill (for restaurants and cafes).  I adore the transparency and integrity of this financial process. 

3. Having an amazing restaurant experience in Tokyo (though not for the reasons you might think).  🙂

beer bistro tokyo


3 thoughts on “Day 743

  1. Arman

    I love sushi on a conveyor belt, so much more choice and it just doesn’t stop coming 🙂 I took my sister to a sushi bar for her birthday (in Manchester, UK) and we ended the lunch with a TALL stack of sushi plates in front of us. The conveyor belt makes it easy to overeat and we do love our sushi 🙂


    1. Stef Post author

      We don’t have a conveyor belt sushi place anywhere near us – and that makes me both sad and happy. Sad for obvious reasons; happy because I think I would spend a LOT of time and money there. (And to your point, probably overeat at every meal.) 🙂



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