Day 734

1. Walking into the office, one of my colleagues looked at me with a gentle smile and asked me, “How are you today?”  (He was referencing my slight meltdown over the weekend.)  I was incredibly touched that 1) he was aware of some of my trials that occurred on a Saturday, and 2) he made a point to check in with me when he saw me this morning.  Just goes to show even when we feel isolated, we are never really alone.  A powerful reminder.

2. Hearing a terrible-yet-humorous joke at work.  Warning: it’s a groaner. But a fun one.  Ready? Here you go:

Q: Where does a ship go when it gets sick?
A: The dock.

Whah-whah.  🙂  A great item to add to #84 on my 101 list.

3. A different colleague sharing this comic with me:


Nothing like some good Buddhist humor to start a work week.  🙂



2 thoughts on “Day 734

    1. Stef Post author

      I am blessed to work with very compassionate people. They are smarties, but have great hearts, too. Not always an easy combination to find – but I am surrounded by them. #verylucky

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