Day 732

1. Less than 24 hours after my husband hopped a plane for a destination halfway across the world [literally], various things in our home started to fall to pieces.  (Mice in the garage, puppies peeing on carpet, lightbulbs burring out right and left [which may not seem like a big deal, except I’m a short girl in a home with high ceilings – and the lights are circular fluorescent tubes that are a pain in the tukus to remove/replace…], my hormones entering overdrive, etc. etc. etc.).  I received kind support from friends and family – but what I really wanted was my sweetie.  Whom I was simply unable to have.  So I took care of business: shooing mice, cleaning carpets, hauling ladders and wrestling with light fixtures… and when I finished the last item, my phone chimed.  A text from my sweetie.  In that second, my entire day changed.  Though he is still thousands of miles away, I felt his virtual hug almost as strongly as if his arms were physically wrapped around me.  

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2Receiving the exact piece of advice I needed to see at the precise moment I needed to view it.  Universe, thank you for the reminder/kick in the pants!


3. Seeing a rather awesome picture shared on Facebook.  Very appropriate for today (for more reasons than one), and hilarious to boot.  

delight_halloween squirrels



5 thoughts on “Day 732

    1. Stef Post author

      I can be having a total crap day, and/or be a millisecond away from a complete meltdown – but if my sweetie just gives me a hug, sends me a text, or lets me know some other way that he’s around, suddenly everything becomes a little more (or a lot more) “okay”. He’s awesome.


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