Day 729

1. At 10 am our company cafeteria manager instant messaged me, asking if I could stop by his office to sample some vegan gingerbread he and his team whipped up for me this morning (after the brief conversation he and I had yesterday). Talk about *amazing* customer service!  Of course I went down to the cafeteria straight away – where the manager gave me an entire loaf of bread to “sample”.  Incredible.  (And yes, the bread was very tasty.  The cafe manager made sure to let me know that his crew used fresh ginger instead of dried – and it made all the difference.  Yum.)

2. Walking to the printer in our office, I saw that some of my colleagues have been busy applying their crafting skills to make the space a bit more festive: a tabletop was lined with a variety of mini-pumpkins that had been decked out in Halloween attire.  Two gourds in particular made me smile (and one of them caused me to laugh aloud).  I love how some adults never really “grow up”.  (This is a good thing.)  🙂

3. Reading an article about how a dad supported his daughter in an amazing way.  Equality rocks – especially when people actually practice what they preach!   (P.S. If you decide to read the article, be sure to check out the “42 Fierce Halloween Costumes For Girls” slide show at the end of the article.  Even more goodness. [#11 is darling.])

halloween dad



7 thoughts on “Day 729

  1. Crowing Crone

    What a terrific Dad! Made me smile. Today’s three for me would be: previewing the book launch video for If God Was a Woman, the UPS truck delivering copies of my to me, and the look on my sweetie’s face when he read the dedication.


    1. Stef Post author

      I also *love* that they used fresh ginger (it tastes SO much better) – and I was genuinely surprised that they actually made a batch of vegan bread specifically for me. Completely amazing.


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