Day 728

1. Seeing a professional woman wearing a skirt and high heels, waiting in the skyway for someone.  At her side was a small boy, around 4 years old.  He waited patiently for a while – but the attention span of a child is only so long.  After a few minutes he bent down like he was going to pick up something he dropped, but then leaned over and tickled his mom’s exposed leg.  Hilarious.  (And sneaky!)  🙂

 2. At work our cafeteria manager made an announcement that fresh banana bread was available for sale over the lunch hour.  I asked him if it was vegan.  He went back to the kitchen to ask the chefs, and soon returned to report that the bread contained eggs – so no, not vegan.  I shrugged my shoulders.  I certainly wasn’t upset – that’s just how things frequently go.  Not an issue, just is what it is.  Trying to appease me, he stated, “But we do have vegan cookies!”  Hmm, interesting…. I responded in a half-kidding tone, “You know, if you made some vegan gingerbread, then I’d be all in!”  (In all seriousness, I do love me some gingerbread – but I also was not expecting a company cafeteria to make vegan treats based on the preferences of one individual.)  However.  Later this afternoon the cafeteria manager reached out to me and informed me that he did find a vegan gingerbread recipe, he’s working with the chefs on preparing it, and they should be able to produce a pan by the end of the week.  Holy amazing customer service!  I was (and still am) SUPER impressed!

3. Learning that WordPress (the company that hosts this blogging resource) has partnered with The Pew Charitable Trusts to publicize/widely distribute a Voter Information Tool to help citizens engage in the mid-term election process.  So fantastic!



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