Day 724

1. Learning a genius trick at the grocery store.  Instead of getting into a power play with a two-year-old, one clever mom asked her daughter, “Lily, where are your knees??”  Since Lily couldn’t touch her knees when kneeling on them, she turned around and sat her bottom on her seat so that she could show her mom her knees.  Tricky mama; smart mama.

2. Seeing a friend who wants to spread positivity in her own pretty way.  Love it.


3. Continuing to be amazed at precisely how “tuned in” the puppies are to my energy.  They completely understood that I have felt like crap for the past four days,and they behaved accordingly.  (I was treated to snuggles and low-key behavior.)  Now that my raging headache is gone and I can stand without being dizzy, the puppies are being more energetic in turn.  Incredible.

Jojo is in front; Charlie is in back.

Jojo is in front; Charlie is in back.

A close-up of Mr. Jojo.

A close-up of Mr. Jojo.

Charlie awake and chillin'.

Charlie awake and chillin’.



2 thoughts on “Day 724

    1. Stef Post author

      Thank you Ruth. Currently I’m at about 90% back to health – a sore throat and mild congestion remain. I’ll take the improvement!

      Yes, our puppies are very sweet. They are very high maintenance – but SO loving in return. 🙂



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