Day 719

1. Upon hearing that I was *really* tired this morning, my yoga teacher chose to lead the class through a slightly easier routine than usual.  We got to do more flexibility poses and fewer balancing ones – which felt terrific in my body. 

2. Leaving the city, I saw a young aspiring ballerina getting professional pictures taken in various urban settings.  The contrast of a ballerina on pointe against a steel bridge was pretty darn interesting.

3. Seeing my new slippers, my sweetie asked me what happened to my old ones.  When I told him, “They got a hole in them,” he responded, “Oh that’s very sad, dear Liza, dear Liza, oh that’s very sad, dear Liza, that’s sad” – to which I laughed out loud.  Nearly every day my husband makes at least one of these completely unexpected random-yet-relevant comments – and they all make me smile.  His kooky, creative mind is a wonder to me…


(P.S. If you want an evening of smiles, just search for “Sesame Street” on YouTube.  Adult humor neatly packaged for children; this cast and crew were decades ahead of their time…)


2 thoughts on “Day 719

  1. Ruth

    I like the idea of photographing a ballerina on a bridge. Plenty if bridges here but wonder how to find a ballerina?
    Your husband is a sweetie as you say 🙂


    1. Stef Post author

      I imagine it would be easy to find a ballerina – just go to any dance school in the city. I imagine you could get a whole range of ages – which could be kind of fun to play with. I can envision lines of ballerinas intersecting with various lines on a bridge…



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