Day 710

1. Completing my grocery shopping in 30 minutes – a personal record!

2. Seeing the price of a gallon of gas drop to $2.89.  I can’t remember the last time the cost of fuel has been that low.  (Apparently it was December 2013.)

3. Learning a few tips for dancing hip hop style, courtesy of community education.  The first half of the class was a lot of fun!

The dancer



4 thoughts on “Day 710

    1. Stef Post author

      Thanks Joss. It’s so easy to rest into routines – which can turn into ruts. I don’t ever want to get out of the practice of challenging myself with new and novel things.

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      1. Crowing Crone

        I don’t see that ever happening – you won’t let it! Speaking of which, now that I have a solid Skype connection, let me know if and when you’d like to connect for French conversations.


      2. Stef Post author

        I would love to connect for French discussions! Though fair warning that my language is more than rusty… email me and we can set up a time. 🙂


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