Day 705

1. Upon walking into the grocery store, I heard the sound of flutes playing.  Usually the shop pipes in easy listening musak through the overhead speakers, so hearing classical music was an unexpected change.  (A welcome one, mind you – just unexpected.)  As I moved further into the store, I saw that the music was coming from live performers – two students from the local high school who were fund raising for their school’s music program.  As I walked around the store placing food items into my basket, I noted that the lovely flute playing made my usually monotonous errand much more enjoyable. So even though I completed item #17 on my 101 list a year ago, I extracted some cash from the nearby ATM and gave the young musicians a few bucks.  Go performing arts in public schools!

2. Finding two bathing suits that fit my body well, that I feel confident in (versus self-conscious), and that were on clearance to boot!  Who says unicorns don’t exist?  😉

3. Reading the article below in our local community paper:

delights_sun sailor article

I can’t make this stuff up.  Too awesome.



Want to join me? Feel free to share any of your daily delights below. (Other comments also accepted.) :)

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