Day 704

1. At the grocery store, a mom said, “We just need to get bread and bananas, and then we can go” – to which her almost-adolescent child replied, “Banana bread?!”  Nice try, kid.  (The mom just smiled and shook her head no.)

2. In a public restroom, a one-year-old had just finished his business, and was washing his hands.  As he made his way to the paper towel dispenser, he walked underneath the automatic hand blower.  The machine turned on, and the little boy ran away from it, startled.  When his mom started the machine up again by placing her hands underneath it, his eyes got really big, and he loudly declared, “Whoa!”  When his mom was done the machine stopped – so he approached it again, this time more aware of the likely outcome.  When the machine resumed blowing after sensing his presence, the boy smiled in amazement, and declared, “Whoa!” once more.  So awesome.

3. Learning about a TV celebrity who chooses to still live modestly and stay real, in spite of fortune and fame.

Gotta love a man with a puppy...

Gotta love a man with a puppy…

… and a muppet friend!  :)

… and a muppet friend! 🙂



5 thoughts on “Day 704

    1. Stef Post author

      He was pretty incredible. As he and his mom were exiting the restroom, he happily called out, “Bye bye potty!” He made me smile several times in the 60 seconds we shared one another’s company.



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