Day 698

1. The terrific partnership my sweetie provides.  The puppies have been a relative handful this weekend, and I have absolutely appreciated my husband’s willingness to step in when I am running low on patience.  

2. Getting to take a great yoga class.  I am so lucky to have a variety of amazing teachers to learn from, who are all willing to share their time and talents with me (and other students).  Thank you to all of my teachers past and present; you have all influenced my path, and I am deeply grateful for each of you.

3. Walking underneath golden sunshine, amid perfect temperatures, in the presence of gentle and refreshing breezes.  It felt like I was walking along side a good friend.

walking with friend



2 thoughts on “Day 698

  1. Crowing Crone

    My three were: a great conversation with my sweetie about what we want next, sitting outside with the dogs, soaking in the quietness and sunshine, repotting some parsley I had dug up from a friend’s garden who can no longer take care of it.
    Life is good!



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