Day 694

1. Volunteering with 22 of my colleagues, during company time, doing tremendous things for people in need.  At the end of just 90 minutes of work, the total volunteer group (about 60 people) created 120 boxes of food to be sent to hungry people around the world.  Here are some more details about the impact those boxes have:

  • 1 box contains 216 meals; so 120 boxes = 25,920 meals
  • 25,920 meals divided by 365 = 71 people that will get food every day for a full year
  • The cost of each meal is $0.22.  That’s right – just twenty-two cents.  Less than a quarter (US).

And I got to be part of all of that today – and during work hours, no less!  Amazing.

2. After the volunteer event, spending 90 minutes with my colleagues hanging out at a nearby restaurant.  We all teased one another, talked about a variety of topics, and spend the majority of our time together laughing at various quips and comments.  It was a lot of fun.  I work with incredible people!

3. When a colleague whom I haven’t corresponded with in a year asked me, “How’s life in your world?”, it felt awesome to send him this reply:

Life is going really well, thanks for asking!  I’m in HR Operations, focusing on Adoption and Change Management strategies for collaboration technologies – so it’s very exciting and interesting work.  On the personal front, everyone in the family (husband, 2 dogs, and both of our sets of parents) are healthy and happy, so we can’t ask for much more there.  And in November, my husband and I are taking a trip to Japan (!) – which still feels a little surreal to me.  How are things with you?

Life is so good.  I continue to be amazed at what a blessed and downright lucky gal I am.

life is good



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