Day 692

1. Getting to “play with” a new iPhone 6, thanks to one of my colleagues.  (I was very careful to not drop or harm it.)  The display is amazing, and the pictures it takes are truly stunning.  I continue to be impressed with this device!

2. Unexpectedly seeing my sweetie before he left for sports this evening.  Being in his presence always makes me feel good, no matter how brief our interactions are.  (In fact, I think I’m falling more in love with him with every passing year.)  I am SUCH a lucky woman.

3. Listening to “The Gambler”, and really hearing the lyrics (i.e., paying attention to and cognitively processing them) for the first time.  How did I miss the genuine wisdom in this song before?  It’s a beautiful piece of poetry told in musical form.



2 thoughts on “Day 692

  1. Ruth

    I hear the 6 has a terrific camera. Tempted in Pittsburgh. Still like that pop tart in the lineup!
    Isn’t it wonderful that you find delights EVERY day, Stef?


    1. Stef Post author

      I have now seen a handful of pictures and videos taken with the 6 – and it is REALLY impressive. I definitely think you should treat yourself to a new phone. 🙂

      Yes, it’s incredible to find delights every day. It’s a fantastic way to live, and I deeply appreciate that I am so blessed and lucky to be able to live this wonderful life!



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