Day 689

1. Walking into the vet’s office this afternoon (just to pick up meds), I was startled to see all of the staff sitting in the lobby.  Apparently I had arrived at the office during their weekly business meeting.  The primary doctor we see smiled at me, and said, “Hello Stef!  We’ve been waiting for you!” – to which everyone in the room laughed aloud (including me).  As I scanned the faces in front of me, I became aware of all of the intimate (and at times, intense) moments I have shared with every person in that room – and how kind and supportive they have all been to me.  It was a very tender moment for me.

2. At the grocery checkout, the cashier asked me if I had any exciting plans for the weekend.  I replied that no, it was likely going to be pretty low-key; a gathering with a friend, maybe dinner with my husband – enjoyable, but nothing too wild and crazy.  The cashier replied, “I consider a day a terrific one if it meets my four F’s: food, family, friends, and fun.  It sounds like your weekend will be a great one!”  I like this cashier’s spirit.  🙂

3. Seeing an old dog actively playing frisbee with his dad.  Seeing old pets enjoy moments of joy-filled activity – just like they used to regularly experience when they were young pups – warms my heart.

dog playing frisbee



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