Day 680

1. At 6:30 am, I crossed paths with a young man from the inner city.  Upon seeing me approaching an entry way at the same time as him, he opened the door for me and smiled broadly at me.  I smiled back at him and said, “Thank you!”  He said, “You’re very welcome; have a blessed day!”  What a great start to the morning.  🙂

2. A work colleague shared the below visual comparison about the current suite of Apple products (which I must admit that I’m kind of enamored with – especially after yesterday’s meeting).  Sneaking a Pop Tart in the lineup made me laugh out loud!  

iphone screen sizes

3. Attending the annual fall meeting at the big company I work for.  Every meeting includes a variety of celebrities (this year included Jamie Foxx, Taylor Swift, and Coldplay) – but the people who made me smile today were my fellow colleagues.  Three men and three women were selected to perform brief vocal solos at the event – and they were all AWESOME.  Like, several of them could easily win a reality show contest level of awesome.  I truly work with some amazing people!

A man I worked with last year.  He ROCKED it!

A man I worked with last year. He ROCKED it!  (P.S. The audience consisted of 14,000 of his fellow colleagues.)  🙂



2 thoughts on “Day 680

    1. Stef Post author

      It’s always a very high energy meeting! And it’s nearly always a lot of fun (with some business in there too, of course). 🙂 The Pop Tart is very clever; I like that if a person isn’t looking closely, they can skim right over it – but for people who take a few seconds, they get to see the joke.



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