Day 676

1. Having many library patrons thank me for volunteering at the organization’s monthly book sale.  As one man said, “This community library is a treasure – and it’s only here because people make the effort to support it.  So thank you.”  I didn’t ‘need’ the accolades (as I strongly value libraries and want to do what I can to support them), but it did feel nice to have other people recognize (and value) my donation of time.

2. Seeing a new neighbor [the family moved into the subdivision a month ago] already improving their new home and beautifying their landscaping!  A terrific first impression.  🙂

3. Watching a brief (3 minute) video that shares an incredible simple yet amazingly powerful idea.  A small part of me wonders, “Why didn’t I ever think of doing that?”  But a much larger part of me thinks, “I’m delighted that someone did!”  Simple little concepts really can change the world.

delights_street store



2 thoughts on “Day 676

    1. Stef Post author

      I didn’t know that about you – that’s terrific!

      I don’t think I could work in a library (or a book store) – I would spend all of my time and money on the products! 🙂



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