Day 671

1. Accomplishing things at an easy pace.  A nice yin/yang balance.

2. Hearing a great quote on a podcast this afternoon: “You can mess up a good conversation if you notice obvious differences.  It’s more creative to make connections and find ways to relate [versus focus on differences].”  LOVE this.  

3. Experiencing an amazing example of “small world syndrome.”  Specifically:

  • My yoga teacher has a friend that plays broom ball.  When she learned that my husband also plays broom ball (because I happened to mention a competition that my sweetie was playing at that she was attending later that same day [to watch/support her friend]), my yoga teacher told me her friend’s name so that I could in turn relay the info my husband.
  • Fast forward six months.  Last night my husband learned that the broom ball-playing-friend-of-my-yoga teacher will be in Japan in November for the international competition.  But the broom ball-playing-yoga-teacher-friend isn’t on the Minnesota team (which is the team my husband is playing for), so how can the yoga-teacher-friend be attending the international competition?  Turns out the yoga-teacher-friend is an ice fisherman who does a lot of work in Alaska – and some of his friends who play on the Alaska team asked him if he wanted to play on their team.

So the broom ball-playing-friend-of-my-yoga teacher, my sweetie, and I will all be halfway across the world together later this year – with absolutely zero orchestration by any of us. How crazy is that??  Now we just need my yoga teacher to come on the trip; she would complete the circle!

small world



Want to join me? Feel free to share any of your daily delights below. (Other comments also accepted.) :)

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