Day 668

1. Reading a terrific quote: “How we get to tomorrow is not pre-determined.  [We all] make the choices that shape tomorrow.  So let’s make smart choices.”  ~Wendy Jones, Director of Education at the Minnesota Historical Society

2. Engaging in the following exchange with my sweetie:

MS: How do you feel about a detached garage?
ME: How detached is it?
MS: It won’t even talk to you.

Hilarious!  I laughed out loud.

3. Clicking on an apparently broken link on a non-profit’s website – and being taken to this terrific 404 page:

deights_error message

In these times when blame and accusation are so often the default, it feels genuinely good to have someone else apologize first – even if that someone else is an unknown, behind-the-scenes individual.



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