Day 655

1. Overheard at the grocery store:
Cashier: “How is your weekend going?”
Customer: “Fine – and yours?”
Cashier: “Very well!  I’ve been here all weekend, but I love it here.  The food is great, the air is cool, the people are nice… I have the best job ever!”

I loved hearing (and seeing) the cashier’s genuine adoration for his job.  They say if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life…

2. Seeing a teenager reach for his grandma’s hand, then walk with her protectively as they crossed the busy downtown streets.  A beautiful act of caring and compassion.

3. Hearing an opera major chant in a deep, resonant voice during (and after) today’s yoga class.  He had amazing talent, and hearing his voice sing words from ancient sages was truly a gift.




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