Day 650

1. Upon seeing a spider on our ceiling, my sweetie went to the kitchen and retrieved a plastic bowl.  When I looked at him somewhat quizzically, he informed me, “I’m catching the spider to put it outside instead of killing it – just for you.”  (As a Buddhist, I try to avoid taking life of all beings unless absolutely “necessary”.  [I.e., a hornet’s nest that is causing harm to our home or pets or visitors; an ant infestation that needs to be addressed, etc.])  Awwwww…. I imagine had it been just the spider and my sweetie in the house, he would have had no qualms smashing it and being done with it – so I genuinely appreciate him choosing more ‘involved’ actions knowing that while they were more work for him, they would make me happier.   What a fantastic man!

2. Reading the following Facebook entry posted by one of my yoga friends.  The text is semi-lengthy, but definitely worth sharing (which I am doing with her permission):

So it’s not a secret guys, most depressed people don’t want to make you feel bad. They know how bad it feels to feel bad so they want to make you feel happy. They want to take the direct blow and soften it for you. Sometimes the people who seem to have it together the most are only holding it together for you, the viewer. But that is hard, hard, brutal work. 

Let’s remember to take a moment when we’re with people, all of the people, and remember that beneath that which they choose to project there is a person and no matter what, that person is likely suffering. Let’s take a moment and remember to look into each other’s eyes and to see each other’s limitless potential and let’s try – only try – to remember to say “I appreciate you, you down there under the words and chuckles, under the winks and smiles, you there cowering in the corner afraid that people will find you ugly and dark. You, THAT you, you’re not ugly and dark, you’re just you, like the rest of us. Rest for a moment, we can live without your projection but thank you for taking the time to create such a beautiful thing for us.”

There is limitless suffering here on planet earth. You will create some today – it just goes on and on but maybe, in honor of one of the greatest comedic forces we have ever seen, somebody who could do all of the layers, maybe today for Robin, just be kind.


3. Seeing an old video of Muhammad Ali having a chat with a British interviewer; I had no idea he was so articulate and clever!  (By the time I ever saw him on TV, Parkinson’s had pretty much taken over his body.)  It was wonderful to be able to use a hybrid of old and new technologies to ‘turn back time’ and see this smart, witty, and compassionate man in his prime.



Want to join me? Feel free to share any of your daily delights below. (Other comments also accepted.) :)

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