Day 639

1. Winning a set of baseball tickets, simply for participating in a city-wide health initiative a few months ago.  Cool!

2. While at City Hall picking up the baseball tickets, seeing lots of interesting paintings – all created by local artists.  Impressive.

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3. Each local artist had a brief write-up of their professional work and personal lives – and one of the bios included small samples of that artist’s work that people could take. One of the “free samples” caught my attention, and made my heart smile:

painting sample


(Bonus delight: When I was taking pictures for this post, the puppies decided they needed to investigate the scene – which led to me getting some cute captures of them.)  🙂

Little Jojo.

Little Jojo.

Mr. Charlie.

Mr. Charlie.


2 thoughts on “Day 639

  1. Touch2Touch

    Haven’t really visited this blog before. Always impressed by your systematic cast of mind, and impressed by the seemingly super-simple format that nonetheless provides leeway for commentary — not to mention honing observation!


    1. Stef Post author

      Thank you for stopping by Judith – it’s very fun to see you here. 🙂 Sometimes “simple” yields the most advantageous POVs; like you, I enjoy the structured-yet-flexible format of this space. This blog has been a very fun one to write!



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