Day 636

1. Getting to spend part of my work day helping math and science teachers understand the world of business, so that they can (hopefully) better prepare their students for life beyond school.  I feel fortunate to work for an employer who provides opportunities for (indeed, encourages) these types of interactions.

2. Learning what various types of engineers actually do.  I had heard the terms “mechanical engineer”, “chemical engineer”, “civil engineer” before, but didn’t fully understand what these words translated to regarding tangible/observable products.  Now I know!  (At least a little bit, anyway.)  🙂

3. Seeing a small scale and a large scale 3-D printing machine in action.  So, so, SO cool!

3d printer



2 thoughts on “Day 636

    1. Stef Post author

      The 3D printing demo was amazing! One of my favorite comments/cautions from the host of the session: “You have to be careful that you don’t design something that can’t actually be created in real life.” Case in point: He made a single-piece bicycle chain. (I.e., it has no defined start/stop.) This can’t be created in “real life” (read: traditional manufacturing with traditional materials) – and yet, the thing clearly exists! So it’s a bit of an existential conundrum. But super cool. 🙂



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