Day 632

1. While shopping for groceries, a woman pushed her way in front of me three separate times in the span of three minutes.  (Once to be first to the checkout, next to be first out the door, and finally to be first out of the parking lot.)  Each time this woman literally moved her body (or vehicle) ahead of me/mine, I just smiled at her.  (After all, it’s her karma, not mine…)  The final time the woman saw me, she finally realized what she had been doing – and she rolled her eyes at her own self!  I laughed out loud.

2. In the grocery store, a baby screeched “hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi!!!!!” at me.  After about five seconds, his mom intervened and in a firm-yet-soothing voice said, “Sammy, you need to speak nicely to the lady.  Say, ‘Hello,’ instead.”  A brief silence.  Then Sammy looked at me and said, “Heeeellllloooooo,” then proceeded to babble more reservedly in baby talk, apparently conveying a very important message to me.  I listened.  After a few seconds Sammy stopped, and his mom looked at me with a smile and asked, “Did you catch all that?”  You bet I did.  🙂

3. Watching a terrific 5-minute video that stresses how important children are, and how they deserve to be treated with integrity, respect, and honesty no matter what the topic of conversation happens to be.  A wonderful reminder/awareness for all people to heed.  

delights_laci green



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